What the heck is 8 Ray Sun?

Would you consider yourself a kid at heart? 

If so, you are in the right place! Our small business is run by an Filipina-American woman who loves to create cute stuffs and radiates positive energy! 🌸
Adulting can be a drag sometimes, and it shouldn't be like that, so I'm here to add some fun and color to our lives. We are on this journey together, so join me and vibe with me! All my designs are based on real-life experiences and emotions, as well as struggles. 

I want nothing more than for YOU to win this life. The Universe said that "It's already yours.", so claim it and work for it! You got this!

🌸 Fun Facts about our shirts:
1. Comfort First! No scratchy materials. Just pure old fashion comfy tees that can be worn whenever, wherever.
2. Tag-less tees! We don’t like tags that scratch the back of the neck. Gone! We have customized labels that you will never feel when worn.
3. Semi-Fitted tees are our go-to. Just like Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, "Not too loose, Not too tight, but just right."
4. I want to see you smile and be merry. I just want you to be happy and see you smile :).

Remember that you already have it, all you need to do is push it! 
Good seeing you here!!


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